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Below is a list of the sub-groups and their leaders.

Our group leaders change, from time to time, and will be updated regularly. 
The Adventure Kids
Yahoo Group for Members Only to keep in touch with the group and current events.
Directed by Sarah Ark 
American Heritage Girls
American Heritage Girls is a Christ centered character development scouting experience for girls from K through High School. Troop CA1334 meets 2nd and 4th Tuesdays at Laurel Ridge Community Church in Oakley. Our troop is largely homeschooled; however, we meet at a time that permits those enrolled in public or private schools to participate as well. For more information please see the American Heritage Girls website at
Directed by Lisa Bramblett  
HSLDA Group Discount Coordinator
When joining HSLDA or renewing your current membership, contact Jill to get a code for your discount.
Jill Combs -
Delta Speech Club
Competitors are required to be 12 years of age by January 1st of the year to compete at tournaments. Competitors cannot belong to a charter school. Speech only affiliated with Stoa
Directed by Nellie Beatty 
Meal Coodinator
Scheduling meals for those in need due to a new baby or family emergency. This allows member families to minister to other member families during challenging times.
Directed by Cindy Clancy 
Family Park Day
Park Day is an all ages activity, that meets monthly, at various parks in Antioch, Brentwood, and Oakley.

Directed by TBA
Curriculum Sale & Swap
This is an annual event, usually held in June, to help members sell, buy, or give away educational items, books, and curriculum. 
Directed by Sonya Gala
A support group for parents of children (K–12) with various learning challenges.
Directed by Nicole Mendez 
Shine is a social group for boys and girls in grades Kindergarten-2nd. This group is for support, getting our kids together, and loving GOD!
Directed by Andrea Balderrama 
Homebuilders Yearbook
A professional looking yearbook documenting Homebuilders sub-groups, activities, classes, and families.
Directed by Jill Combs, Shannon Avezzie, and Nicole Mendez 
Jill Combs - 
Shannon Avezzie - 
Nicole Mendez -
Rock 345
Rock 345 is a group, for boys and girls, in the 3rd-5th grades. The vision of this group is to provide a consistent social gathering for our kids; and to help them enjoy homeschooling that much more. Having friends and doing "fun" events enhances their homeschool experience.
Directed by Jesi Pitzer & Jessica Kemper 
Homebuilders Annual Banquet
We want to provide a fun, safe, and Christian environment to recognize our high school seniors. This is a formal event -for grades 9th through 12th-that includes a delicious dinner, dance instruction, fun photo opportunities and of course, dancing. There are service opportunities for 7th and 8th grade students. Alumni are welcome to attend.

Coordinator: Jacqui Graydon 
A homeschool youth group (6th-8th grades/Middle School) for like-minded Christian kids. We learn together, play together, and serve together.
Directed by Jami Wilson 
His Kids Co-op
A homeschool co-op whose purpose is to support homeschool families by providing opportunities to learn, fellowship, and support each other in a Christ-centered environment.
Directed by 
Shannon Avezzie, Jennifer Fuller, Jacqui Graydon, and Ligia Stockwell. 
Shannon Avezzie - 
Jennifer Fuller - 
Jacqui Graydon - 
Ligia Stockwell - 

High School Discipleship
Discipleship is designed for high schoolers to meet in a small group setting to promote faith, fun, and fellowship through discussion, theme nights, and games. The materials we use are designed to help arm our teens with the skills and information they need to stand for Christ in a world that is hostile to Him. Our group meets bi-monthly in Oakley.

Directed by James & Julie Froisland 

Classical Conversations
We have two Classical Conversations communities in our area--Brentwood and Oakley. Our mission is "To know God and to make Him known" by utilizing the model of a Christian, classical education. We hold weekly classes, led by homeschool parents, for K/4 through high school. We encourage parents by building community as well as providing training.
For more information about our local communities please see below:

Brentwood Community:
Heather Cannon - Foundations & Essentials Director

Shawna Garvin - Challenge A Director

Linda Cifuntes - Challenge I Director

Oakley Community:
Karen Reiss - Foundations & Essentials Director

Brenda Lim - Challenge A Director

Shannon Friedman - Challenge B Director
Debbie Texiera - Challenge II Director

To find more information about Classical Conversations go to:
Alive is a social group for homeschooled high schoolers (grades 9th through 12th). Our events include a progressive dinner, a costume party, bowling, game, and movie nights. Parents are involved in the planning, hosting, chaperoning, and carpooling for this group. We meet approximately once a month, from September to June, on the 3rd Friday of the month.
Directed by Ligia Stockwell & Margaret Baughman
Contact: Ligia Stockwell - 
Margaret Baughman -
Homeschool Harvesters
The Homechool Harvesters grow yummy vegetables and learn about gardening at the Smith Farm (400 Diablo Road) in Brentwood. The cost is $40 per family. The group meets Friday mornings beginning when the rains stop--usually late April into early May and ends in October with a tomato fight. Families should come prepared for hard work during the hot summer with the rewards of fresh produce beginning in late June to October. Younger children need to be properly supervised (work with a parent) as this is a working farm with lots of animals and equipment.
Directed by Jenny Smith & Lisa Bramblett 
Contact: Jenny Smith - 
                  Lisa Bramblett -
Pinnacle Speech and Debate club
We are a homeschool speech and debate club that prepares privately homeschooled middle and high school students for competition in the Stoa homeschool league. In today's world it is important for our students to discern and speak out truth. We help students learn and practice public speaking skills in an encouraging environment. 

Coached by Edna Herink
Grace Co-op
The Grace Co-op is designed to provide supplemental learning for families to complement what they are doing at home. Parents rotate to teach in the classes in which they have kids. We strive to have an environment that both promotes learning and relationship building among families that seek to glorify God in all they do.

Directed by: Julie Froisland & Jesi Pitzer 
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