Bylaws & Policies

Homebuilder Bylaws and Policies

The following bylaws provide rules for conduct, duties of board members, and assessment of general policies. Bylaws and policies serve as an agreement among members and are adopted, amended, debatable, and changeable.
General membership: Homebuilders is a Christian support group for private homeschooling families. No profession of faith is required for membership. Both parents (legal guardians) must sign the current membership application form, pay a non-refundable donation and will have their names run through the national sex offender database. No person who is a registered sex-offender will be allowed membership.

Homebuilders does not regulate or enforce any one method of teaching or philosophy of education to its member families. Christian Homeschool Education Association (CHEA), of which Homebuilders is a support group, does not support or encourage public charter schools, realizing the fracturing impact on home schooling and statist philosophy of education that undermines the home school community. Please see the Public/Private Education Chart for clarification. The board of Homebuilders, therefore, likewise, does not support or encourage public charter schools. However, in a spirit of friendship, we welcome charter school members to join Homebuilders with the hope of educating all our families of the clear benefits of private home schooling. Homebuilders is not a forum for information about government-funded education programs.

Membership Fees and Refunds: Our one-time registration fee is $15; non-refundable. There is no partial reimbursement should you need to withdraw from our membership group. The fees to participate in Homebuilders are not a profit making venture and Board members are not paid. All monies are used for the purpose of running our group efficiently and covering our group’s expenses which may include, but are not limited to: CHEA network support membership, website and communication, back to school and end of year events, graduation, etc.
Graduation: High school seniors may participate in our graduation ceremony if they have been a member of Homebuilders for two consecutive years prior to their graduation. The board reserves the right to make exceptions to this rule based on extenuating circumstances. A written request for exception would need to be submitted to the board no later than 4 months before the graduation ceremony.
Sub-groups:  Sub-group leaders must be current members of Homebuilders. Sub-groups are advised to have their own membership application forms specific to their group, and may develop their own policies and directions for participation.
Board Member Qualifications: A Homebuilders member must be nominated by an existing board member and agreed upon by all current board members. The person must have home schooled their children for at least two years, must have no connection with public education, must belong to HSLDA and CHEA, must be a professing Christian who publicly professes faith in Christ to other board members, and must be unanimously approved by the existing board members. The following questions, although not exhaustive in content, are to be answered by a prospective board member: Who is Jesus Christ and how did you come to know Him? How do you describe your current relationship with Jesus? How do you teach your children about Jesus? How would you describe your church involvement? How much time are you willing to devote to the Homebuilders board?
Job Description for Board Members

Secretary: keeps meeting minutes (or designates substitute) at board meetings. 
Moderator: oversees meeting agenda; controls flow and organization of board meetings. 
New Member/CHEA Contact: receives and responds to inquiries from new or prospective members; serves as liaison with CHEA for any issues regarding group membership.   
Records Keeper: keeps hard copies of signed membership applications for up to 5 years, or appoints another member to do so; adds new member information to group roster and keeps it current.
Membership Coordinator: Receives membership applications; runs name through sex offender website; sends invitation to new member to join our communication platform; emails a Homebuilders welcome to new member; gives registration fees for membership to treasurer for deposit. 
Treasurer: receives all checks and monies, deposits to bank account, keeps receipts and statements, manages all financial transactions and reimbursements; keeps group CHEA membership current; transfers duties to the next treasurer upon retirement. 
Co-Treasurer: assists treasurer as needed. 

Number of Board Members: The board must consist of at least 3 and no more than 7 qualified Homebuilders parents. Maintaining an odd number of board members provides decisiveness and fair judgment when voting to settle an issue in discussion.
Policy Implementation: Policies and procedures are gained in a spirit of unity, as each board member seeks wisdom through prayer. On the occasion a decision is not reached unanimously, a majority vote decides the issue. At times the board may need outside counsel, including from CHEA and HSLDA, prayerfully considered but not absolute unless agreed upon by all the board members. No board member has the freedom to individually make or enforce policy, or seek outside counsel without the agreement of the other board members.
Dismissal from the Board:  Board membership does not have a term of limitations, but a board member may resign for reasons of a change in job, health, or for any personal reason. A member may be dismissed if he or she proves unable to work cooperatively or if some area of life proves incompatible with the general aims and beliefs of CHEA, including but not limited to moral, spiritual, or educational philosophy, whereas dismissal occurs at the discretion and majority vote of the other board members.
The Statements, Policies, and Bylaws were reviewed and approved April 8, 2021, by the current board members, as follows: Mrs. Nellie Beatty, Mrs. Sarah Ark and Mrs. Alysia Watkins.
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